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Developing technology to preserve ecology.

The primary focus of our company is to develop and market products that have a measurable sustainability impact on our planet.

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Welcome to Smart Labhood Solutions

By definition, Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Smart Labhood Solutions develops products that leverage technology while preserving the environment it is intended to enhance. This co-existence between technology and the environment cultivates sustainable advancement through discovery and eco-consciousness.

Thank you for visiting our site. We urge you to review our entire web site to learn more about us and the products that we provide. Our featured product is the EcoDenser. Learn how this dynamic product can make a significant difference in your laboratory.

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Introducing the Ecodenser

A uniquely designed heat exchanger system that is installed in-line with a lab hood condenser used to cool chemical reactions for an experiment. Chilled water (from the building or portable units) flows through the EcoDenser, cooling the fluid (16 oz.) within the closed system before it traverses through condenser. This approach can save a lab hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per year, per hood.

The Problem

The traditional method of cooling experiments in a fume hood utilizes a continuous flow of water (from tap-to-drain) for cooling, which is estimated to consume several hundred thousand gallons of water per year.


This process poses both environmental and operational expense concerns. It wastes water and is susceptible to the risk of flooding and environmental contamination as a result of component failure.

Patent: US2013-0331018

Our Ecodenser can address both the above mentioned issues and has been widely accepted as safe alternative labhood in various laboratories including Universities.

Our Solution

The EcoDenser, with its closed-loop heat exchanger system delivers environmental and economic benefits as well as simplifies fume hood plumbing (no drains required) and workspace layout. Employing this system may also help a building meet sustainability standards and ensure compliance with water conservation regulations..


Our executive team

Samuel Prabhakar, CEO & Founder

Samuel is Founder, President and CEO of three companies: Smart Labhood Solutions Inc. (SLS), Elite Custom Solutions LLC (ECS), and Elite Knowledge Solutions LLC (EKS). ECS provides technology services (Design, Development, Manufacturing, Service and Support to clients. EKS is dedicated to supporting Entrepreneurs take their ideas from concept to market. Prior to founding these companies, Samuel worked for IBM for 29 years, managing and leading worldwide teams to deliver innovative, custom solutions. Samuel's work in creating and leading these solutions paved the way for the formation of a new IBM division in 2002 called, Engineering and Technology Services in which he was the Director of Systems Solutions. Samuel enjoys sports, music and spending time with his family.


Ecodenser Priming tutorial

The video represents an initial priming of the EcoDenser. Every time an experiment is changed out, crimp the water lines to avoid draining the unit. This should allow for expedited priming

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